Terms of Service Last Update: 16/07/2013

Our Terms of Service

Flosoft.biz is a division of Jensen & Kraemer GbR. See Legal Information for detailed information.

The use of Flosoft.biz services (servers) constitutes acceptance and agreement of these Terms of Service. Flosoft.biz has the right to modify these Terms of Service at any moment without prior notice.

Flosoft.biz services may not be used for any illegal activity or support illegal activities. Flosoft.biz is not responsible for the content you may host. Any illegal content may result in the termination of your servers. The Customer isn't allowed to use our services to host any content that breaks German and European Union laws. Any illegal use may result in a instant termination of your server(s) or services without a possibility of refund.
All services must be paid in advance. Subscriber agrees that Flosoft.biz may send you invoices. Services will be disconnected/suspended on the due date, after due date you will have 3 days to pay the monthly fee to reconnect your server(s), after that your server will be recycled and all data on it will be lost.
We reserve the right to charge a 15% late fee on overdue invoices.
Refunds may be given at the discretion of the management. Please contact us if you have any queries.
All requests for canceling your services at Flosoft.biz must be made via email to admin at flosoft.biz at least 14 days prior to due date. You must provide your server information in order to cancel it.
Subscriber agrees that the service provided is of such a nature that the service may be interrupted for many reasons, therefore, subscriber agrees that Flosoft.biz shall not be responsible for any damages to your data. You are responsible to do backups frequently of your data. Flosoft.biz is not responsible for any loss or attacks to your data. Flosoft.biz is not responsible for any lost profits caused by the service being unavailable.
If you use Flosoft.biz services to violate the Acceptable Use Policy, Flosoft.biz reserves itself the right to terminate your account without notice.
The following constitute violations of Acceptable Use Policy:
  1. Host, promote or distribute content that breaks the German and European Union laws, and content that transmit any of the following:
    • Harm to minors
    • attempt to harm minors in any way, including, but not limited to child pornography
    • pornography
    • threats
    • harassment
    • fraudulent activity
    • phishing
    • impersonation
    • unsolicited bulk/commercial e-mail(spam)
    • copyright infringement.