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Our Service Levels

Support is our way of life - we are with you all the time, 24 hours per day. We listen to you, and we get the solutions you require to you in no time at all.

To make sure you get the support you need, when you need it, we've got 3 levels of service.

The DERT team maintains a permanent presence in the data center, always near the servers. They work with powerful tools that indicate any hardware component weakness before it even fails. This lets them proactively intervene and replace the concerned parts. Night and day, they're able to intervene quickly in bays, which are built and optimised to facilitate express interventions. They know servers better than anyone, having participated in the conception and production.

This level covers all Hardware and Network related issues.

The FASS agents know how to apply first aid on products. They don't robotically read out a series of pre-written troubleshooting, they don't ask unnecessary questions. They are enthusiastic sysadmins who use products on a daily basis. They are communicative people who will stay in contact with you, keeping you updated concerning anything that has to do with your account and your requests.

This level covers all Operating System level issues.

The SWAT technicians intervene in all delicate situations. Continuously trained to deal with the most unlikely scenarios, these sysadmins are known for their ability to analyze complex matters and find solutions within short delays. When a SWAT team member makes a move, the FASS agent remains online to ensure efficient communication between all parties. The customer then has a guarantee that one agent is working on his issues while the other one constantly informs him of the status of the situation.

This level covers all Software non Operating System software issues.