Firewall Dedicated Servers

Network Firewall

Every Dedicated Server on our Network is protected by our Network wide firewall and DDoS protection system. This system is unique in the world and allows us to block attacks of up to nearly 500Gbit/s! We can customize these settings for you and switch it from a blacklist operation mode to a whitelist operation mode.

For more information about this just contact us.

Cisco ASA Firewall

We offer the option to add a Cisco ASA firewall in front of your server or infrastructure.

Cisco ASA Pricing

Cisco ASA Model Maximum Throughput Price
Cisco ASA 5505 up to 100Mbit/s €30 / month + €200 setup
Cisco ASA 5510 up to 100Mbit/s €200 / month + €800 setup
Cisco ASA 5520 up to 100Mbit/s €400 / month + €1500 setup